Cloud Telesol Fibre to The Home Offerings

Why go for FTTH / FTTF ?

The technology also saves costs and rework for builders. Normally, individual service providers would set up their own lines within apartments. Most builders provide limited conduits for cables, which get blocked soon, creating hassles for residents when they opt for new service providers. This way, only one box is required in the premises and customers can pick and choose their service providers for high speed connections

Under the draft National Telecom Policy 2011, the government has highlighted broadband as a basic necessity. The idea is to make networks capable of higher speeds so as to eventually move towards a level where broadband can be a "right for all citizens."

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recommended the telecom ministry to coordinate with the ministry of urban development to ensure that the National Building Code is aligned to facilitate deployment of fibre in buildings. For faster rollout of broadband connections, TRAI has recommended the department to encourage infrastructure providers to provide FTTH.


Communication & high speed broadband is the most desired amenities for today's buyers

Cost of installing complete FTTH infra would be around Rs. 20-25 / Sq. ft. where as the salability of such amenities will be over Rs. 100-150 / Sq.ft

Largest construction houses** in India have acknowledged the importance of FTTH enabled homes and have started deploying this technology since year 2012

** Cloud Telesol brings to you the same high-end technology with-in an economical and high quality package


High Speed, High Data plans can be offered without limitations

All IP based services can be run on same network

Entire network becomes "Passive" thereby eliminating the need of power supply to different elements like Media Converters, Switches installed on different buildings

Network becomes "Manageable" through central NOC. You can manage right up to the delivery port at customer's home / premises.

Higher capacity of networks

Very high life of Fibre Network (above 20 years if not damaged physically)


Very high speed data up to 2.5Gbps to Home and Businesses

Low cost due to fiber and CO interface shared by 128 customers

Multiple applications including Data (IP),Video (IPTV,CATV) and Voice (POTS/IP)

Carrier class Quality of Service (Qos)

Optional Fiber Path Protection using 2*N splitters

More Secure with Built-in Advanced 128-bit Encryption (AES)

Plug and Play Implementation of dervices

Simplified network management

Long reach uo to 20Km and up to 60Km using PON Extender

Maintenance cast reduction (OPEX) due to no electronics between CO and customers

Outside Plant (OSP) life > 50 yrs

What is DTH MDU ?

MDU Stands for Multi Dwelling Unit.

Standardized "plug and play" technology

Delivers the full services via a single home run Cable to the user location

Designed network guarantees high quality signal at all TV points.

Efficient installation and maintenance


Larger dish ensures minimal signal loss.

SD HD & 3D Transmitting from DTH service

minimum usage of cables to deliver quality signals to the end point

Easy Maintenance

Larger dish ensures minimal signal loss.

SD HD & 3D Transmitting from DTH service.

minimum usage of cables to deliver quality signals to the end point