On Board

WiFi for On Board

WiFi is vital for commuters needing to keep track of information en route to destinations. Whether its an airport, a train station or even in the back of a taxi, a wireless network is a critical engagement tool to communicate with passengers. In a large space such as a busy airport hub or a city centre railway station, travellers are looking for things to do. With free wifi, not only can they pick up emails, check in to social networking sites and visit the tourism pages relating to their final destination but they can go online to find out what retailers have concessions in the airport, what promotions they are running and whether or not they can get a cheaper deal elsewhere. CRAYON wifi enables retailers, airlines and travel companies to communicate up to date news and offers, in real time, with a captive audience.

WiFi Taxi

TaxiWifi is a new free high speed wifi service for passengers travelling in taxis. The system uniquely turns 3G and 4G mobile connectivity into a wifi hotspot for passengers. The system uses a unique “ads for access” model – popularly used online on sites. The unique vehicle based technology intelligently overcomes issues such as connectivity on the move and connectivity in between buildings

WiFi Buses

From taxis, minibuses and buses through to the largest touring coaches, Beam on-bus Wi-Fi technology provides full-featured and powerful Wi-Fi connectivity for any size passenger vehicle.


Warehouse and Logistics companies are making increasing use of wi-fi networks for scanning, VoIP, voice picking, and warehouse management applications delivered to handheld devices. The applications are mission critical, they need a wireless infrastructure which is stable, reliable, and available every where, all the time.

Benefits for On Board

Understand Customers

Understand customers in more detail through dwell times and location tracking.

Targeted Communications

Increase customer spend stimulus through targeted communications based on insights through the monetization of free WiFi

Customer Touchpoints

Add another dimension to your in store customer touchpoints

Seamless Login

Offer a seamless WiFi login journey across multiple sites to improve brand loyalty and consistency.