WiFi for Hotels

A recent survey by hotels.com revealed that hotel guests would rather have free guest WiFi than a free breakfast. The mobile device boom has influenced this massively, meaning that free WiFi is now considered an absolute necessity for business travellers and for a large percentage of leisure tourists too.

Statistics prove that 51% of corporate travellers, book hotels with a Wi-Fi connection, about 79% of the travellers return to the same hotel if they get a good Wi-Fi connection. This means that a good Wi-Fi Connection is a very basic element which directly impacts customer retention.

The hospitality sector is the ideal environment for installing WiFi hotspots. Whether in a hotel, bar or coffee shop, guests will expect it as standard and providing free internet access in the hospitality industry can give you the edge. You’ll be able to increase revenues through free, targeted marketing that will in turn increase recommendations and repeat business.

Cloud Managed Hotspots

CRAYON wifi provides all the services needed for managing WiFi hotspots from a cloud-based, intuitive management portal. Administrators can centrally manage and control hundreds of hotspots without having to incur the upfront cost of hardware and software. CRAYON wifi is specially designed for managing WiFi networks and incorporates all the necessary services to operate and monetize WiFi hotspots.

Customised Captive Portal

CRAYON wifi hospitality solution provides operators an option to use custom-branded captive portals for their WiFi hotspot. Hotspot owners can design separate splash page for each hotspot and can fully control the look-and-feel of the pages. They have option to host the pages on their own web server.


CRAYON wifi Cloud provides wide range of billing options for administrator to monetize their WiFi infrastructure. These options include credit card billing, PayPal, prepaid/access codes, PMS/Folio integration, usage based billing, tiered pricing and many more. Multiple options can be integrated on the captive portal thus providing greater flexibility to the operators for extracting revenues from the customers.


CRAYON wifi Cloud provides AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) services over the Internet using hosted Authenticas AAA server. The service can scale to accommodate thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots and works with wide range of network access gateways. The AAA server architecture guarantees maximum uptime by implementing geographic redundancy and automatic failover.