WiFi for Event

Conferences and events rely on communication. The communication of ideas, words and sounds are the priorities of event organisers, whether they’re organising a large corporate function, an international exhibition or an annual music festival. Visitors want to know that they can connect easily and pick up the latest news and information while event managers need to know that the connection is secure, won’t interfere with commercial internet traffic and will be legally compliant.

We have provided support for numerous types of events and are experienced with multiple event spaces. Be it a trade show, Festivals, Conference, Fair or any other type of large gathering, indoors or outdoors, the demand for a reliable wireless network remains consistent throughout. Event guests require a reliable internet connection now more than ever, especially in large event halls where 3G or 4G coverage can be undependable at best.

Event WiFi benefits

Stay Connected

Communicating programme changes

Social Experience

Announcing special guests

Real-time Updates

Announcing special guests.

Secure WiFi

Understanding footfall and movement around the space.